The light-bulb moment for

smart home automation.

Villa® brings all your smart home devices together with convenient access from your iOS device. Transform your home with the touch of a button.

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What is Villa?

Villa® is a whole-home lighting solution with advanced home automation features that makes setup and control simple and painless through the use of a smartphone app and cloud based technology. Go figure, your entire smart home connected and managed conveniently through your smartphone.


Easier than the flip of a switch.

With Villa®, your smart home devices are at the touch of your fingertips.

  1. Devices

  2. Scenes

  3. Rules

Devices screen Scenes screen Rules screen

Device Monitoring & Notifications

Have peace of mind knowing that your home is secure and all of your devices are working properly. Receive custom notifications about what’s going on in your home on your iOS device. Know when someone has opened the front door or when your home decides to spring a leak. Sensors can notify you immediately when they have detected a number of actions or problems within your home.

Scene Control

Establish the perfect setting for any area of your home, at any time, with the tap of a button. Scenes are created by synchronizing multiple smart home devices to perform on command. Sensors detect actions within the home including motion, door, and water to trigger customized scenes. The most popular scene is “Bedtime” which turns lights and other connected devices off throughout the home and adjusts your thermostat to that perfect temperature for sleeping.

Advanced Rules Engine

Set rules that are never broken. Creating rules can trigger multiple smart devices across your home based on specific actions designated through the robust rules engine. Lighting can be activated by various sensors as you come and go from your house or even as you walk from room to room.

Does Villa® Smart Home turn you on?

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You’ll never find a family that gets along this well.

The Villa® family of devices are designed with a clean profile that compliments any interior style, while pairing flawlessly with the Villa® Controller. The Controller also supports devices from many other popular smart home brands. Check with your installer for approved devices.

  1. Villa® App Villa® App

    Villa® App

    All communication with the Villa® Controller is achieved through the convenience of the Villa® app. Receive customized updates about what is going on in your home.
  2. In-Wall Switches In-Wall Switches

    In-Wall Switches

    Programed to control a single set of lights or activate scenes throughout the home.
  3. Outlets Outlets


    Allow non-smart devices to get educated. Turn appliances on, dim lights, or turn off that iron you forgot to unplug from anywhere with the touch of a button.
  4. Sensors Sensors


    Door, window, motion and water sensors monitor your home and notify you if unexpected problems occur or trigger certain responses from integrated devices in your home.
  5. Pearl Thermostat Pearl Thermostat

    Pearl Thermostat

    Automatically get the temperature to the perfect setting, at any time of the day through a fully-integrated climate control system.
  6. Villa® Controller Villa® Controller

    Villa® Controller

    The central control that enables all your smart home devices to perform perfectly.

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Cloud setup for convenience.

The Villa® App communicates with a cloud-based infrastructure for setup of the Villa® Controller. This allows dealers to conveniently perform maintenance and adjustments from anywhere, allowing changes to be made faster and without homeowners needing to be home for a service call. After setup, the Villa® App communicates through the cloud to the Villa® Controller—from anywhere in the world.


Come to the light.

To see the Villa® family in action, request a demo and our team will contact you to schedule an appointment time with a Villa® dealer nearest your location.

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